Rob McCullough Interview

Rob McCullough Interview

Nickname- Razor


Title- WEC Lightweight Champion


Record- 15 – 3 – 0


Association- Team Punishment


Height- 5’9 


Weight- 155lbs


Style- Muay Thai / Wrestling


Home- Huntington Beach

Interview by Brian Terhorst

Born and raised in Huntington Beach, Razor started off as a pure Muay Thai Kickboxer in his teens and then made the transition to MMA. Now he is one of the most feared and noticeable fighters in MMA.


‘Razor’ is the main instructor at the Huntington Beach Ultimate Training center. Pro Muay Thai Kickboxing champion and pro MMA fighter. K-1 veteren, WEC veteren, King of the Cage veteren. “WEC Lightweight Champion”. Rob recently took some time out from his tough training schedule to talk with Revolt. 


Revolt In Style: In your last fight with Richard Crunkilton, what can you attribute your win to?

Rob McCullough. Hard training. I prepared for the worst. He chose to stand w/ me….bad choice. Everyone has a game plan…till my right smashes it for ‘em. I’m not sure what his game plan was. But it was the wrong one for this fight.


RIS: What element of your training will you step up for this next fight with Jamie Varner?

RM: X Box….nah, kidding. He’s gonna try to grapple w/ me. I’m all about the “Sprawl & Brawl”. Scrambling. Balls to the wall. I’m training up at Bear Mountain, Tito’s new joint that he bought from Oscar De La Jolla. The high altitude training gives you an extra advantage with the cardio. I aint gonna gas out. I intend to end this fight, it’s gonna be an action packed fight, till I knock him out cold.


RIS: That the type of finish do you predict?

RM: Yeah, know… I dont want to go off on some dumb cliche´ prediction. “Gonna Knock him out in the 1st” bullshit. Let’s just say, I’m gonna end this fight in a dramatic fashion…watch. I’m gonna end this fight


RIS: You mentioned Tito Ortiz, you guys as tight as ever?

RM: Hell yeah, we’ve worked together from the beginning. In fact I’ve known him a long time. I used to sleep on his girlfriends couch in High School. He’s been pushing me from the beginning. He’s in my corner. 


RIS: Pre fight rituals?

RM: Walk around in women’s high heel stillettos. Haha. Nah, Honestly? Kinda chill. The training’s done. I put in the work. Now I try to get my head on straight. Hang w/ my boys ya know? Watch movies, Play Station. Get ready for work.


RIS: Post fight rituals?

RM: Again, hangin with my boys. Show my appreciation to my team. Night club, strip club, whatever… Pay ‘em back for their help. I appreciate my team & I want them to know it. We have a lot of fun, but then it’s ‘Back to the drawing board’….who’s next, yeah?


RIS: What’s this I hear about you and The Baja 1000? That real?

RM: Absolutely. I’m tied in with Camburg Racing. I’ve known Jerry Zaden since like 3rd grade. I knew he was dickin around w/ racing but never really knew how cool it was. They invited me to do the race with them…of course! Now that’s some serious life & death shit there. There’s a serious fucking adrenaline rush there. Great times. 


RIS: What other cross training you do?

RM: I surf. I snowboard. I scuba Dive. I shoot guns & I date porn stars.


RIS: Yeah, so I hear. Kendal Brooks? That your girl?

RM: Yep, that’s my girl. (No elaboration) 


RIS: Cool, cool….ehem. So what kind of guns ya shoot?

RM: (He laughs….I hear someone else laugh too) I have a .45 Ruger & a 12 Guage. 


RIS: Ok, Ok. Who does your ink right now?

RM: Tony at HB Tattoo. He’s takin care of it all right now. He hooks me up, I send all my guys to him. His work is pretty tight. 


RIS: Of all your fights…which one stands out as the most satisfying?

RM: Good question…they’re all pretty satisfying. (Laughs) It would have to be Crunkleton. He had all the skills to beat me. The odds were against me winning. Everyone thought he was gonna take me. Once we’re in the cage… he got knocked out. Ha, all the media guys were “ That win just put you on the map!” Put me on the map? Hell I’ve been doin this for 13 years. But, Ok….now I’m on the map. 


RIS: Hell yeah you’re on the map!  Good luck on the 13th, that’s gonna be a good fight. Thanks for takin’ the time here. Hey, last minute shout to friends, family….homies?

RM: Yeah, wanna say thanks to my mom. Thanks to my girlfriend. Thanks to Tito Ortiz & Team Punishment. Thanks to HB Ultimate training Center and Big Thanks to The WEC and of course, my team.


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