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We pack our five departments: Action Sports, Music, Style, Entertainment & Gear with valuable reader services. Revolt In Style is dedicated to promoting the best events, brands, venues, products and services thru quality advertising and editorial.


Our Story


For well over 30 years, Revolt In Style has been at the forefront of Southern California culture. Created in the early 80’s as a guide to ‘New Wave’, complete with the music, fashion & nightlife of the times.

In the 90’s it evolved into a Frat Brother lifestyle mag complete with low brow humor, sex, drugs & Rock and Roll. Revolt traded hands numerous times in the 2000’s changing themes and physical dimensions with each new owner.

In 2006, Husband and wife team Brian & Leslie Terhorst purchased and re-imagined the publication completely, this time with a positive spin on the laid back Southern California lifestyle.

The two took over multiple roles to produce the free monthly publication for the next 15 years. Brian wore multiple hats as Editor In Chief, writer, graphic artist, layout & pre-press specialist, photo editor, sales & marketing, promotions… even distribution. Leslie, an exceptional Music Editor, interviewed top national & local artists, also reviewing the latest new music monthly in her ‘NOW HEAR THIS’ column. Furthermore she was featured in each issue as photographer and fashion stylist. She also filled in as web master, sales & marketing, promotions and distribution as well. 

Both have interviewed numerous celebrities, athletes and musical artists. They review and preview new music & cinema, food & drink, products & gear. Together they have traveled by land, sea and air to exotic destinations, luxurious resorts, music festivals, sporting events & trade shows to gather content and stories to share with their audience. 

Simultaneously, the duo began organizing special events to help fill the pages of the magazine each month. Concerts, parties, fashion shows and sporting events were produced in numerous venues and communities around San Diego. Together they helped raise much needed funding and awareness for natural disasters, deserving causes, charities and non profs including: The Red Cross, The Surfrider Foundation, Lifesaving Del Sur, The Wounded Warriors Project, Moores Cancer Center at UCSD, The San Diego Burn Institute & Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

In 2018 The Revolt Summer Surf Series Pier II Pier Pro Am celebrated Season 12, while the The Sunday X3 Pro Am Paddle Race Series celebrated Season 5. Both were the largest Pro Am series of their kind on the West Coast and were widely supported by athletes & media from around the globe.

In 2015 Joe Foster took over as Revolt In Style’s Surf Editor and the publication changed once again. Each edition had dual-covers with an entire half of the publication dedicated to the surfing lifestyle. Joe led a team of talented contributors and assisted in filling the pages with amazing photography, athlete interviews, surfing destinations, new product reviews & surf competition results. 

Numerous talented writers, photographers and artists have graced the pages of Revolt In Style over the years. Contributors including Eric Hendrikx, Joe Foster, Beth Accomando, Aaron Goulding, Lance Leslie, Derek Plank, Ken Leighton, Taylor Robinson, Devin Chatterjie, Joel York, Jon Tiffin, Blair Robb, Bo Cross,  Mike Crouch, Aaron Riveroll, Billy Martinez & Scrojo are just a few of the amazing and talented people that help make Revolt, well… Revolt!


With an emphasis on action sports, alternative rock and Southern California Style, Revolt In Style continues to set the bar for Free Publications.




Our mission is to showcase the active southern California lifestyle in a youthful, smart, artistic and evocative style while staying true to our roots in music, surf, skate, snow and other sub cultures.


We pack our five departments: Action Sports, Music, Style, Entertainment, & Gear with valuable reader services. Revolt In Style is dedicated to promoting the best brands, venues, products, and services thru quality advertising and editorial.


Our award winning staff of photo journalists & writers offer everything from exclusive athlete & celebrity interviews to insightful columns & key environmental issues. We supply reviews & previews of the hottest music, movies, dining & craft beer joints, new gear and styles.


Our readers know they can trust us to find out what’s new and exciting.

The entire issue is available online, shared widely on social media & is enjoyed worldwide by our followers!