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Genre– Rock/Metal

I have to say my love affair for Stone Sour started in the mid 2000’s, but was secured with the release of the 2nd studio album “Come What (ever) May.”  Now on their 3rd studio album, I’d
say they’ve polished their sound, so much you can see your reflection. “This album is a culmination of everything we wanted to do musically,” states Taylor. Audio Secrecy has that perfect combination of guitarist James Root’s unique style and drummer Roy Mayorga’s intensity, combined with singer Corey Taylor’s unyielding range, and you have what’s sure to be another Grammy Nomination.  Audio Secrecy gives you 4 choices when purchasing. Digital iTunes has two, 10.99 for reg. and a “Special Edition” version, which include 3 bonus tracks for 13.99, and a total of 17 songs. Or you can purchase the CD, but they are releasing limited edition vinyl, only 30 copies. Audio Secrecy has a harder edge than its predecessors, but Taylor still mixes in a little alt/rock melodies to appease the ladies, and the airwaves. I’ve come across a few standout tracks, Unfinished, Nylon 6/6, Say You’ll Haunt Me, The Bitter End, Imperfect, and definitely the 3 Bonus songs are worth the 3 extra bucks.



Genre – Metal

“Asylum” might be the best Disturbed album yet. There is a lot of variety between the tracks, but it still contains the core sound of the band. Fantastic musicianship (particularly in the vocals and guitar work) all around. Listen to this and go nuts. Asylum’s varied; introspective, powerful, angry, and aggressive cords and lyrics are what make this album worth listening to. With songs like Warrior, Crucified, The Infection, My Child, Asylum, and even when they cover U2 in ISHFWILF, they bring their own originality to the table.  This album is what all Hard Rock Metal bands strive to be.  Congrats guys great album.



Genre – Rock/Reggae/Fusion

What’s in a name? Well, for The Beautiful Girls, they’re definitely not girls, and as for beautiful, well I’ll let you make your own opinion. What they are is talented. Hailing from Sydney, singer/songwriter/producer Mat McHugh brings an experimental sound combining reggae, hip-hop, pop, rock, a bit of electronics, and I think I even heard a little ukulele thrown in at the beginning of ‘Some Melody.’ I dig the vibe. Here in SoCal we’re a custom to this genre of music, but Mat seems to have created something a little different. Standouts ‘Don’t Wait,’ ‘Mind is an Eco Chamber.’ ‘Spooks’, and ’10:10.’



Genre – Alt/Rock

Are we tired of them yet? The Goo Goo Dolls first arrived on the scene back in 86’ then hit the top of their career in the 90’s. Things slowed in the early 2000’s until 06’ when they had 3 hit singles that went gold. Now that the new decade has emerged so has the Dolls. Working with several producers–including Butch Vig (Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins), Tim Palmer (U2, Pearl Jam), John Fields (Pink, Switchfoot), and Rob Cavallo (Green Day) –on the ninth studio album you can definitely hear the influences each producer had to offer.  The album is classic Goo Goo Dolls, so if you’re a fan, this ones for you.



Genre – Alt/Pop/Rock

Well, it’s been two years since our freaky, fun friends Ludo have put out an album. I have to say I missed them. In a world that can be too serious, Ludo strive to bring some levity. Intertwining humor and relatable topics. For example, Ludo 1st single release ‘Whipped Cream’ has lyrics like “I’ve been poundin’ the Jaeger, my breath and behavior have been driving the patrons away” somehow this reminds me of someone I know. With such fun hits as ‘Love Me Dead’ and stalking phenom ‘Go-Getter Greg,’ on Ludo’s first album ‘You’re Awful, I Love You,’ who hasn’t been, or been stalked by the creepy dude next door (and I’m not talking about Rambo:). The lyrics may be quirky, but that can’t over take the talent behind the words. The band: Andrew Volpe (vocals, guitar), Tim Ferrell (guitar, vocals), Tim Convy (Moog synthesizer, keyboards, vocals), and Matt Palermo (drums, vocals). Standout songs, the bluesy, jazzy ‘Skeletons on Parade,’ and the 50’s throwback ‘I’ll Never be Lonely,’ then there is the futuristic ‘Cyborgs Vs Robots.’ Take it all with a grain of salt, and have some fun with it.


Black Sunshine – Black Sunshine

Genre – Alt/Rock

You know the old saying; when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Well, Matt Reardon has made some Hard Core Lemonade . After an extreme skiing accident took him out of commission for a while, Reardon found a place to focus his insatiable passion for life. Black Sunshine was born! There’s nothing half-ass about this guy. Whether it’s barreling down the side of a mountain, or teaming up with some of the finest musicians and producers that rock has to offer. This guy is going to make it happen. Joining Reardon, producer Bob Marlette (Shinedown, Alice Cooper, Slayer, Saliva, Ozzy, and so on) and drummer Matt “Toast” Young (Billy Idol), guitarist and multi instrumentalist Jeff Flannery (Van Zant’s), and bassist Christopher Serafini (Pollen, The Stereo) creating this powerfully infectious self titled album, that stacks up against any rock album out there. Chock full of singing guitars, methodically placed bass and drums, and Reardon’s multi-layered vocals and catchy lyrics, round off this album. It makes me want to scream “CRANK IT UP!” There really isn’t a bad song on this CD, actually, they all pretty much f***king rock!


Call the Cops – Call the Cops

Genre – Alt/Pop/Electro

If you haven’t heard of Call the Cops, prepare yourself. There’s a huge chance you’ve heard their music before. This up beat pop-tween, emo, electric sound has been around for years, just not with the name “Call the Cops.” Don’t get me wrong; imitation is the biggest form of flattery, and in the era of the “Twilight” sagas this band fits in perfect with this demographic. With help from producer Ian Kirkpatrick (Plain White T’s, Neon Trees), he takes this newly formed band and lays down a crisp tech production. Call the Cops definitely has polished their sound, giving them the capabilities of hanging with the big boys. So if you’re fans of music from, Katy Perry, 3OH!3 and Boys Like Girls, you are going to enjoy this one as well. There are a couple songs on the album that got my toe a tappin,’ ‘Like It Like That,’ and ‘White Dress.’ Music’s in the ear of the beholder, so if you have an ear for electronic-tinged pop rock, then I recommend this one for you.


Slightly Stoopid – Slightly Not Stoned Enough  To Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid

Genre- Rock/Reggae

I wanted to revisit the bands newest release on the Stoopid Records label, ‘Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid.’ The album was launched back in 2008. It includes outtakes from both the ‘Closer To The Sun,’ which are tracks that were previously issued as a limited edition bonus CD, and ‘Cronchitis’ sessions, as well as a bevy of new material recorded at Miami’s famed Circle House Studios which include ‘No Cocaine,’ ‘Fruits (Legalize Them),’ and ‘Circle House Blues.’  Also included are tunes such as UB40’s ‘I Would Do For You’ and the traditional ‘I Know You Rider,’ which was most notably covered by the Grateful Dead. My favorite songs on the album are ‘False Anthyms,’ ‘Circle House Blues,’ ‘Train 1, ‘Train 2,’ and soon to be a chant-along song sensation ‘Sensimilla’.  For all of you that haven’t gotten your copy just yet, go pick one up and head to their concert on July 17th. If you don’t, you’ll be the only person at the show that won’t know all the words.


Gaslight Anthem – American Slang

Genre – Alt/Nu Medal

New Jersey quartet The Gaslight Anthem would be the first to admit that they share more than a home state with Bruce Springsteen. However, there’s nothing wrong with being heavily influenced by another artist so long as you still have something of your own to bring to the table, and The Gaslight Anthem do indeed bring something. While frontman Brian Fallon’s rugged but sensitive vocals and wordy blue-collar lyricism may seem familiar, the fact is, that he very much has his own sound. American Slang is a very subtle step forward from ‘The ‘59 Sound,’ conjuring exactly the same thrills from slightly different angles. “Stay Lucky” and “Boxer” come closest to the top-down sing-a-longs of “The ‘59 Sound,” with restless guitar, thrilling and dynamic drum breaks, and Brian Fallon’s deep rasping voice still taps a deep vein of American male loneliness. I thoroughly enjoyed this album.  With ‘American Slang,’ the Gaslight Anthem takes another step away from their riff-punk past, leaning more heavily on their classic-rock influences and letting their ‘Warped Tour’ attitudes take more of a backseat than ever before. It may not have the surging immediacy of The ‘59 Sound, but it’s a testament to a band that, despite all the growing up they’ve done, are still incredibly relatable.



Genre – Alt/Rock

The National seem to take their time in making their multi-textured, emotion driven, and carefully orchestrated rock anthems. ‘High Violet’ is their first release in three years. Not coincidentally, their output requires patience to fully appreciate. If this were the ’70s or ’80s, a band like The National had they been around when, say, Bowie, Springsteen or U2 were beginning to make waves, they would have been huge.  And they wouldn’t even have to change a thing. The National’s music is simple but never simplistic and since 2005’s Alligator they’ve been mining a seam of style that doesn’t appear to run dry. There isn’t a song on Alligator, or indeed its follow up Boxer, that is less than excellent. You’ll be happy to know, this is still the case on High Violet, album number five. Opening High Violet with typical command, ‘Terrible Love’ shivers with talk of the quiet company of spiders before building gradually into a vast epic. On ‘Sorrow’ Matt Berninger sounds caught between weariness and untapped romantic hope, his rich baritone helping lines like “cover me in rag and bones, because I don’t want to get over you” convey heartbreak and tenderness, jointly and with ambiguity. ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ meanwhile, is a passionate centerpiece; the moment when High Violet makes another of those near imperceptible shifts, this time taking their fifth album from fan-satisfier to a classic. High Violet hit the street on May 11th, you can catch them live at the Starlight Theater on May 23rd, and the will not disappoint.



Genre – Exp/Alt/Rock

“Turn off the lights/touch me in the dark/fade into the feeling/whisper in my ear/ what you want/what you need/tell me my name/again, again/yell out my name baby,” wow, I don’t usually quote a line this extensively, but damn! That is the opening line of the first song ‘My Time’ on MINUS the BEAR’s new album ‘OMNI’. After getting your hormones pumping with the first four tracks, the band switches it down with the slow-burning “Excuses,” as Snider calmly states, “running out of excuses/when we know what the truth is/I’m into you/I’m into you/when you hear this song/you’ll say you knew all along/you’re into me too.” The track appears at just the right time on Omni, setting the tone for the middle (and best) portion of the album. Omni is the album every Minus the Bear fan will love. Produced by Grammy Award winning producer Joe Chiccarelli (The White Stripes, My Morning Jacket), ‘OMNI’ is the follow up to the band’s critically acclaimed albums Menos El Oso, Planet of Ice, and Highly Refined Pirates. “I think it’s a real leap forward,” singer/guitarist Jake Snider agrees.  “It’s an impactful sounding record.” With deep bass lines, mesmerizing guitar riffs, provocative lyrics, stimulating keyboards, and the use of the Japanese Omnichord synthesizer, OMNI explodes with a bursting energy, and unpredictable experimentation. This is one to put on the list. Minus the Bear will be playing at Soma on May 22, OMNI is out now.



Genre – Rock/Blues/Gothic

It doesn’t’ seem like there is anything Jack White can’t do with music.  As the label executive in charge of Third Man Records, he’s never pressed a CD, opting instead for vinyl and digital-only releases. As the singer, and guitarist for the multi-platinum, Grammy award winning Alternative rock titan The White Stripes, he can’t release a new album every few months, so he’s made multiple names for himself with multiple bands; namely, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, which indulge his respective love of guitar-drenched power-pop and dirty, blues-infused rock ‘n’ roll. The Dead Weather made its debut in July 2009 with Horehound, on which White collaborated with The Kills’ singer, Alison Mosshart, as well as guitarist-keyboardist Dean Fertita and bassist Jack Lawrence, both from The Raconteurs and Queens of the Stone Age. It’s a little difficult to keep up with all of Jack’s projects, but with his insuant talent just exploding onto everything he touches, this album is sure to be recognized as another amazing level of Jack. The mood throughout Sea Of Cowards is overwhelmingly darker in a psychosexual way. There are shadows of reverb throughout and the grooves are snaking and ominous one minute and brash and intimidating the next. All the while Mosshart is the voodoo blues temptress moaning and wailing her way across the riffage. Available May 11. Look for them live at the House of Blues July 19th.



Genre – Alt/Nu Medal

It has been roughly three and a half years that separates ‘Diamond Eyes’ from ‘Saturday Night Wrist.’ Bassist Chi Cheng suffered injuries so severe in a November 2008 auto accident that the band took a hiatus, two years later Chi still remains in a slight conscious state. Eventually they hired Quicksand bassist Sergio Vega on a permanent basest. With Diamond Eyes, the band takes every high point from their entire discography and fuses them together to create their heaviest and most ambient album to date. Diamond Eyes mixes the ambient and the brutish with almost surgical precision. The title track ‘Diamond Eyes’ is the first song on this album and it connects all of the different atmospheres into one song and superbly portrays what this album is about, sonically and lyrically. Some of my favorites include ‘CMND/CTRL’, ‘Prince’, ‘Risk’, ‘Beauty School’, ‘Rocket Skates’ and ‘This Place is Death’; but believe me there is not one bad song on this entire release. If your a fan of their heavier material than you will find it in many of these songs, and if you like the softer more melodic side to the Deftones, than you will find this record to be no stranger to that either. Diamond Eyes is set to release on May 18.


Angels & Airwaves

Genre – Alt/Neo-progressive /Rock

‘LOVE’ is the appropriate title for this album. You can feel the passion that drenches every note.  A year in the making, it surprised me that the album was released free of charge due to “corporate underwriting.” Great for us! ‘Love’ starts like you might expect an Angels & Airwaves album to, with its synthesizers, cycled drum patterns, and heavy use of electronic equipment; this is a true testimate to Tom Delonge’s ultimate dream of creating more mature sounding music. DeLonge has compared the album’s space rock influenced sound to that of U2 and Pink Floyd. After the methodical 2:34 second intro, you are lured into ‘The Flight of the Apollo,’ which starts off with soothing synths. Then DeLonge joins in with the haunting lyrics “I’m floating, and something’s reaching out,” “please help us, we’re running out of time, my brothers,” “we fucked up, lets give ourselves a hand,” then immediately followed by ripping guitars and crashing drums, it’s apparent that this is a new level for A&A, and not just another side project.  Another track that stands out is, ‘Hallucinations’ which allows A&A to lead its listeners to an alternate universe.  I dig the singing guitar riffs in ‘Young London.’ The free download of the album will contain eleven tracks, but a physical copy of the album is also going to be released which will contain the same eleven tracks along with 30 minutes of extra music from the ‘Love’ movie. Download your copy today at



Genre – Alt/Punk/Rock

Alkaline Trio has announced the release of their forthcoming album, This Addiction, on February 23 via Epitaph Records/Heart & Skull. Recorded and produced by the band with help from longtime cohort Matt Allison at Atlas Studios in Chicago, This Addiction marks Alkaline Trio’s first release on their imprint label Heart & Skull and first with their parent label Epitaph Records. The album also finds the Trio revisiting their punk roots while moving forward creatively. The album’s title track and first single wastes no time in setting the tone of the album as it rips and roars with Matt Skiba’s exceptional vocals and signature guitar riffs, bassist and co/vocalist Dan Andriano’s thumping low-end and drummer Derek Grant’s steadfast beats. From soon-to-be fan-favorites like the Andriano led rocker “Dine, Dine My Darling” and politically charged anthem “The American Scream” to the sonically mesmerizing rhythm and lyrics of “Dorothy” and the thrilling sing-along “Draculina,” This Addiction showcases Skiba, Andriano and Grant’s abounding gift for songwriting and crafting passionate punk fueled rock that will make fans fall in love with them all over again.



Genre – Varied

2010’s Take Action! Compilation is the 9th in the annual series and includes tracks from We The Kings, Mayday Parade, 30H!3, Cobra Starship, Taking Back Sunday, There For Tomorrow, Frank Turner, The Friday Night Boys, Anarbor, and Hit The Lights, among others. The charity spotlighted for Take Action in 2010 is Driving For Donors, the brainchild of now 14-year-old Patrick Pedraja who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age 10. In 2007, at age 11, Patrick and his family started Driving For Donors and traveled around the country in a special “Donormobile” with the mission of signing people up for the National Marrow Registry to help find bone marrow matches for people in need of a transplant. Since then they have added over 22,000 donors to the registry and saved more than 24 people’s lives with matches. Sub City has raised millions of dollars and awareness for various charitable organizations that aim to make the world a better place and 5% of the suggested retail price for each Take Action Volume 9 set sold will be donated to further this cause.



Genre – Rock/Alt

Spoon’s seventh studio album, ‘Transference,’ was produced by Spoon. With Spoon now taking over all their own production duties, front man Britt Daniel spoke about producing ‘Transference’ and why it he referred to it as “pure Spoon.” Transference strikes a balance between its early Indie-rock and the soulful deconstructed pop of its 2007 release, “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.” The hammering piano keys, edgy guitar riffs, and pounding drums on the sure to be break-through single “Written in Reverse” add an portentous feel to the set, as Spoon front man Britt Daniel’s voice teeters between punchy and afflicted. “I’m writing this to you in reverse/ someone better call a hearse,” he sings, while also referencing drug hazes and blank stares. The harmonistic guitar and mysterious, almost ominous beats of “Who Makes Your Money” creates an atmospheric dreaminess, while tension is built with snarling lyrics, buried piano and crushing guitar riffs on “Got Nuffin.” On album closer “Nobody Gets Me but You,” Spoon finally comes undone, melding electronic pulses, strings and pounding drums in a combination of bounce and grit that goes down smoothly. Out Now.



Genre – Indie/Rock/Alt

The Bravery’s adrenaline-rush, retro-new-wave/punk rock is back with a flourish. The album is a sonic high, but a mixed bag of lyrical ups and downs. Singer-writer Sam Endicott has rarely sounded so twisted and confused. He was shaken by the attempted suicide of his girlfriend and has admitted that some songs are “darker, stranger’’ than before. That includes the scarifying “Jack O’Lantern Man’’ (with the spit-out line, “If you could see the rage in me/ I could cut my veins and drown you in the flames’’). Endicott and mates are more hopeful on the pulsing “The Adored’’ (about a couple who stay together despite losing everything in Hurricane Katrina) and the intimately appealing, if edgy, “I Am Your Skin.’’ There is a surplus of angst on this record – sometimes Endicott sounds like Bono with a gutter mouth or Bowie after a depressing philosophy class – but the guitar-fueled, synth-topped rhythms still churn mightily enough to blow away any ill winds.



Genre –Alt/pop/punk

Pop-punk band Say Anything’s new self-titled album reflects the changing life of frontman Max Bemis-he is now married (wife Sherri DuPree guests on the songs “She Won’t Follow You” and “Cemetery”), has converted to Christianity (referenced in the upbeat single “Hate Everyone”) and hasn’t suffered bipolar relapses that have previously derailed tours. Life has settled down for Bemis, but it doesn’t show on the new set. Taking a cue from painter Jackson Pollock, the artist splatters pieces of his influences and experiences across an audio canvas for listeners to interpret. “Do Better” leans on strings and electronics to create a musical takeover (Bemis sings, “We could do better/We could be the greatest band in the world”), while “Less Cute” features horns during the verse that lead into a rocking chorus. The chaos is nothing new for Say Anything, but the band’s newest release is tightly executed and gives fans a deeper look into Bemis’ clever mind.



Genre – Alt/Rock/Indie

Dashboard Confessional frontman Chris Carrabba could likely take his pick of any female fan in the audience. But somehow the singer/songwriter always manages to get his heart broken by the opposite sex. The band’s sixth studio album, “Alter the Ending,” is a perfectly blended concoction of acoustic melodies, graceful harmonies and powerful anthems wrapped around the story of a man trying desperately to save a failing relationship. The pounding drums on the opener, “Get Me Right,” emphasizes Carrabba’s pursuit of love, while the heavy title track finds him pleading with the object of his affection to stay. And on the closer, “Hell on the Throat,” the artist sings about loss and acceptance over simple acoustic chords. “Alter the Ending” displays much of the same raw insecurities that Carrabba has become known for, but it also shows emotional growth, as heard on “Water and Bridges,” where he sings, “I’ll make the best of the best I can, and I’ll be better for it if I ever get my chance.”



Genre – Emo/Pop

Boys Like Girls’ self-titled debut album was an unexpected success, eventually going gold. Devoid of any hit singles or a truly distinctive sound, the album seemed to catch on because it was a perfect distillation of the emo pop sound with no rough edges to scare people away. For the follow-up, 2009’s Love Drunk, the band sticks to the same basic template of super slick, glossily produced emo pop with uptempo songs that sound stadium singalong-friendly and ballads that seem destined to melt teenage girls’ hearts. The difference this time is that the songs are better written and hookier, especially the rockers. “She’s Got a Boyfriend Now” and “Contagious” sound like 2000s updates of the classic ‘80s sound of pop/rockers like Bryan Adams and Rick Springfield; “Real Thing” even conjures up the red leather and headbanded ghost of Loverboy. Strip away a few of the modern things like Auto-Tune and programmed drums, and there you are. These very catchy, super fun rockers comprise two-thirds of the album and the strongest part of the record; the rest is made up of modern rock ballads that sound like the work of a different band entirely. In the end, Love Drunk is an improvement on their debut and a surprisingly good pop/rock record with emo leanings.


Vokab Kompany – The New Kong

Genre Hip-Hop/Electronic/Funk

‘The New Kong’ is an eclectic compilation and several different genres. Hip-hop, to electro rock, mix with a twist of funk, add in intelligent drum and bass, then throw in an insane amount of talent. All this pulled together by two of the most talented MC’s/Singers, Burkey Baby and Robbie Gallo.   Geoff Nigl-Keyboard, Aaron Cheatham-bass, Spencer Sharpe-Violinist, Jeremy Holmes-Guitar, and Alvaro Nunez-Drums are the rest of this illustrious band.  Album opener “That Day” is a toe-tapping tune, with a great beat, free flowing vocals, and a sweet combination of synths. guitar, and drums (I think I even hear a flute).  A few other stand out songs are “Merry Go Round” featuring Radio Active and Karen Mills, “Sneaker Drip” a remix with J Boogie, and “Shine” featuring Souleye, and Solovox. There are 14 incredible tracks to choose from. It’s safe to say that Vokab have made a statement with an album that is creatively different from any other that I’ve heard so far. Mixing, mashing, sampling and creating, Vokab Kompany made their statement a solid one, without being overshadowed by a laudable list of contributors.


Stars of Track and Field – A Time for Lion

Genre –Alt/Rock

‘A Time for Lions’ is the sophomore effort for the Portland-based trio, Stars of Track and Field. The band’s debut album, ‘Centuries Before Love and War’ was a critical success. The band didn’t have a bassist and instead compensated with a unique set of computer blips and bleeps. For the most part the computer blips are gone. Opening track “Racing Lights, “sets the tone from the very beginning as it dives head first into a giant chorus, a titanic wall of sound and one of the more impassioned choruses released this year. Fueled by vocalist Kevin Calabra’s vigorous vocals, “Racing Lights,” makes a huge statement before even a full minute has elapsed. Second track “End of All Time,” picks up right where “Racing Lights,” left off and delivers another irresistible, powerful chorus. Seven minutes in and you already have two highly indelible songs. In an attempt to display their diversity, the trio chases down Brit-pop on “The Breaking of Waves,” in which a singing guitar gives way to Calaba singing, “Its all I can see, its the breaking of waves, I wrap my coat around you, you stare down at your feet.”  I have to say this is probably their best album to date.


Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg

Genre – Rock

It’s been 4 years since Wolfmother deputed their self-titled album.  In that short amount of time Andrew Stockdale has manage to be the only standing survivor.  When most band would have call it quits, Stockdale just dusted himself off and hired 3 different guys.  Wolfmother is born again.  “Cosmic Egg” is what was hatched from this new Endeavour. The album was recorded with My Bloody Valentine producer Alan Moulder, in Byron Bay, and Los Angeles. With featured guest Slash, this album is classic Wolfmother.  “New Moon Rising” is the first song to be released.  With a ‘Doors-esque’ feel to the song, it definitely makes you feel like they have transformed back to the 70’s.  But, don’t worry Stockdale won’t let those head-bangers down.  With the addition of the new members he has added rhythm guitars, this will allow Stockdale to do what he loves most: jamming out with heavy riffing and long, powerful guitar solos.  This September, the ‘New Moon Rising Tour’ will be the band’s first Australian headline jaunt with the new personnel. Featuring in the new line up is Ian Peres on bass/keys, Aidan Nemeth on guitar and Dave Atkins on drums.  CD on sale October 27th 2009


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