Interview & Photos By Joe Foster

Jordy has moved to San Clemente, is injury free, has streamlined his support team… the only thing he has on his mind is staying healthy and winning. South Africa’s star is currently ranked ninth in the world. Just don’t count on him staying there long.


We caught up with him as he prepped for the new WSL season… 

RIS: Hey Jordy, good seeing you around Newport again. You seem to have a connection to the place. What is it about Newport you like so much?


Jordy Smith: Yea I’ve been surfing there for a few years now. And living in the Shores now. When ever I’m not on the road I’m usually in and around trying to find little banks to surf… I’ve also been super lucky ‘cause I live with Garth Tarlow, who grew up and surfed in Newport his whole life. So he knows exactly what you need to get it good..


RIS: So, the tour is about to begin. What is going to be the difference this year in your approach?


JS: So many things – I guess way more relaxed – I think I’m just going to go surf not worry about the outcome or anything like that


RIS: What was it like after signing with O’neill a few  years ago? I know there was a bidding war etc, You signed a great deal, then the economy went bad and you were still set. Did that add extra pressure on you to win immediately?


JS: No, not at all. I was really grateful for it and I still kept the same mind set, as if I hadn’t had a sponsor at all.


RIS: How have you dealt with all those high expectations?


JS: I don’t really deal with them to be honest, cause I never think about it .. People will always be entitled to their own opinions – and that should not effect the way I do my job, Passion, Love.


RIS: You finally seem to be getting into your groove on tour. Is it just a matter of time till the nerves settle down and you learn the breaks and the right competitive strategy?


JS: Yeah, each guy has their own things that they need to improve on. Mine was waiting for the better waves. Hahaha.


RIS: Who is your favorite surfer to travel with on tour and why?


JS: Well, my friends always.. But everyone kinda travels by them selves, really.  But I bunk up with Kerrzy every now and then…

RIS: How is the married life treating you? in particular, being married to a ‘Super Model.’ Your schedules must be nuts. Do you guys just meet at random CT events or do you fly to Paris and New York on your down time? Must be interesting, ya?


JS: Hahahahah – Yeah, our marriage is great.. She comes to almost every stop. It’s where I feel most comfortable. And she’s a mean cook.. Hahah – So, to have great food on the table, all the time, is the best.


RIS: Is there a little Jordy in the future??


JS: Yeah, for sure there is. Not right now, but in the future for sure. Maybe a couple.


RIS: If you never win a Wold Title – will you still consider your surfing career successful or do you think it would always haunt you?


JS: Not sure yet.. I guess at this point, it won’t.  Because I’m giving it my best – but if I don’t give it my best in years to come then I would say yeah… it will haunt me.


RIS: Will we see more of you in Orange County soon?


JS: Of course. Hahahaha.


RIS: Thanks so much your time Jordy and we are rooting for you to win it all this year.