Words by Brian Terhorst

Photos by Leslie Terhorst


’ve just got to say… Brian Bent is one cool cat. He excels in the most cool and creative things. He makes his own clothing, his own music and his own, jaw dropping, what the hell is that?... rapid transportation. He definitely has a style all his own… He’s an Artist. A Musician. An entrepreneur & a true Hodad Hot Rodder. He has been a creative force behind startup companies like Captain Fin, Powerbalance and most recently United 50 clothing. Very creative, very talented, very unique. Dammit, I’ll just go ahead & call it... He’s a Renaissance Man. We first met Brian in 2009 when our mutual friend Troy Rodarmel enlisted BB’s help to make up the trophies for the Revolt Summer Surf Series. He told us Brian would put something together, no direction necessary. Trust him. At first I was skeptical. First, that he would get them done in three days, second, that they are handmade trophies. We had planned on giving our athletes the old-fashioned, plastic & ‘fake’ gold plated trophies like every other surf contest. You know... the ones with the little surfer posing on top? Anyway, Troy showed up the day of our first contest with these… unreal, totally unique, custom welded trophies/sculptures that Brian had knocked out for 24 of our surfers. Twenty Four of them! I’m sure every one of those kids still have their trophy and will probably hold on to it ‘till the day they die. Very cool. To this day, the custom, handmade trophies are still one of the signature elements of the RSSS events.

So, back to Brian: His style is absolutely unique. From the clothes he wears, to the car he drives, to the boards he surfs. 100% Brian Bent. Chances are, whatever he’s wearing, he’s riding in (or on)… he has made himself. His artwork is unlike any other. When I come across a Brian Bent painting, sculpture or screen print -I know it’s his work immediately. His style is all his own. His work has been seen on display at galleries, corporate lobbies, and store fronts from Southern California to Japan and even France. His most current musical endeavor is  ‘Ragged ’Ol Sailor’ – a surf rock, rock-a-billy mixture that fits his style to a T. 

“My daughter is playing in the band. We still have the Pioneers but I’m more active with Ragged ‘Ol Sailor. We’ve played at Lightning Bolt, Surf Indian. We just played in Laguna at the AR4T Gallery (Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow) With Nick Simich & Duffy. Both are pretty good musicians as well.”

He’s opened a small shop to showcase his own artwork and styles for United 50 clothing company, that he and Troy Rodarmel began a couple of years back. Hot Rod Garage Sale is an intimate space in North Park. 

That’s what I appreciate about Brian. He just makes it happen. Need a cool car? Build it. Need a unique shirt? Sew one together. Have a message? Get it out there man! Gotta love the hustle. He has it down-pat. Glad to call him a friend.


Go check him out at Hot Rod Garage Sale – 4420 30th Street in the heart of San Diego’s historic North Park. 


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