WES AGEE Heads To The Big Show

WES AGEE Heads To The Big Show



Temecula is probably known best for its beautiful wine country… Majestic wineries with tens of thousands of picturesque acres of vineyards that dot the countryside with seemingly endless rows of grape vines… Blah, blah, blah 

Did you know that Temecula is also the #1 choice for some of the best FMX riders in the WORLD? Case in point WES AGEE!


There are many reasons why: Wide open spaces, multiple courses & private compounds, near-perfect weather year round, not to mention a who’s who of these world class riders & sponsors.


Some of the best riders on the planet live in Temecula. Riders like Todd Potter, Nate Adams, Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Stenberg and Ronnie Faisst can be found on any given day, riding the “Moto Mecca of the world”. 


Another at the top the list from Temecula and a new force to be reckoned with in FMX is Wes Agee. Wes has made quite a name for himself lately with contests, shows and a few viral videos on the ol’ Inter-web. Most recently a bronze metal at Foz do Iguacu X Games – Brazil 


Not a native Temeculan, Wes actually moved there from Fallbrook at the young age of 15. Already an accomplished BMX rider, his family often went riding in the desert & it wasn’t long before he was full-blown infected with the FMX virus. Living directly in the hotbed of the sport he embraced FMX and was soon pulling off eye-catching tricks and garnering the attention of his peers and potential sponsors. 


In 2012 he scored a Wild Card slot to enter the Red Bull X-Fighters. The event in Glen Helen fit his riding well and he placed an impressive 3rd. The massive track with so many options was exactly the kind of circuit that a rider like Wes thrives on. His strong 3rd place finish proved what many experts anticipated ahead of the competition. This was his time to shine. Wes gained more then he expected with new sponsor deals, invitations to more events and becoming a Red Bull Athlete.


Now, at age 24, he has ridden for Red Bull X-Fighters, the Metal Mulisha Mayhem Tour, Dew Tour, Journeys BBQ Tour. Wes is a Nuclear Cowboyz veteran, having ridden in the tour since its inception in 2010. 


We caught up with Wes about mid way thru the Nuclear Cowboy Tour & as he prepared for another upcoming event.
He was only slightly distracted with his crew during the interview. (They were shipping off one of his motorcycles to Brazil for the Foz do Iguacu X Games… Nothing too critical!)

Revolt In Style: Hi Wes. What are we up to today? 

Wes Agee: Just dropping off a bike to ship out to X Games in Brazil. Getting ready for all that good stuff.


LOUD yelling: “No, I already took em both out! Nope, I’m gonna have to take out the battery anyway!” (He’s yelling at the guys loading the bike into a massive 18 wheeler)


RIS: What kind of Bike is that?

WA: KTM 450


RIS: Sick! You need some time to deal with all this?

WA: Nah, All good. Let’s go.


RIS: Cool. So, let’s start with the essentials. Name, Rank, Serial number….

WA: Of course, I’m Wes Agee, I’m 24 years old. I’m out of Temecula California. I ride for Red Bull, KTM, Fox, Metal Mulisha, Osiris Shoes, Spy Goggles… Those are my biggest sponsors.

RIS: What is your most difficult trick?

WA: Probably Heart Attack Back Flip. That’s probably my biggest. Or just a Big Whip


RIS: What trick are you working on now? 

WA: I’m working on Double Grab Flips & just getting ready for X Fighters & contest season. Getting all my tricks dialed-in consistently, ya know?


RIS: Where are you training?

WA: A few different courses out in Temecula. The Metal Mulisha Compound & then a few other (un-named) buddies’ houses. So there three or four good courses to train at, & they’re all within twenty miles.


RIS: Who do you usually ride with?

WA: The Metal Mulisha guys mostly. But there’s been a bunch of out of towers around lately. So, whoever’s in town, really. Recently I’ve been really busy, traveling with the Nuclear Cowboys Tour. Eleven stops in the US. We’ve probably done about six or seven… Every weekend. So I’ve been pretty busy w/ that. I haven’t really had too much time to ride at home. 


RIS: Tell me about your schedule with a tour like that. What does it entail?

WA: We usually fly out Friday. We get into whatever town the night before the show. There’s usually two different shows. So, get in, hang out, try to get some rest before the first show. They have the crew & mechanics there before, making sure our bikes are ready, so we don’t have to do too much or worry about that. We just wake up around noonish, usually. Get out & practice for awhile, then just wait around for the show in the afternoons. Usually around seven thirty. Pump that out. Sign a few autographs after. Usually like an hour long autograph session. Do it all again the next day & then come home. It’s a pretty fun tour. There’s a lot to see. Twelve dirt bikes, a few quads, a few trials. It’s a lot of us who ride on the tour. It’s a good time hangin’ out. The after parties are pretty fun (laughs). It’s a good time.


RIS: That sounds pretty cool. Are the shows 100% dialed in & choreographed or do you guys mix it up at each stop?

WA: Mostly choreographed – it’s been kinda the same for the last two years. They’re gonna change it up next year. For about half the show we stick to a routine, we have to do certain tricks. But the other half they give us a little freedom to just go out there & just do what we want to do. So, it’s pretty nice.  But you definitely have to be on point. Me… I’m leading the Metal Mulisha side of the team. I’m pretty much leading the pack the whole time, so I gotta know what to do & when to do it. It took me a few shows to get it figured out. But… got it all handled & it’s a pretty good show.


RIS: How big are the crowds you perform for?

WA: Depends on the town. The biggest we’ve had was a show in New Orleans a few weeks ago was over 13,000. We usually play arenas (Wintertime tours). That’s pretty maxed out at 14,000 usually


RIS: How’s that, riding in front of a crowd that big? You guys feed off the energy of the crowds?

WA: Oh Yeah!  It definitely gets us pumped up. You know it. But, even a smaller crowd gets you going if they’re loud. Still… big crowds are definitely better.


RIS: How do you prepare mentally for these events?

WA: Stay calm. It’s just a show. Keep it safe. There’s twelve dirt bikes in a row jumping, so you don’t want to crash & take out the whole pack. Possibly get run over by ten dudes… Tryin’ to save it, ya know? This is usually our down time anyway (Wintertime). I’m kinda savin’ it for this competition season coming up here.


RIS: Let’s talk about the X-Fighters. That’s obviously the next big thing for you.

WA: The main thing, yeah. Exactly, that’s what I’m saving my body for. That’s why, like I said I try to keep it mellow on the Nuclear Cowboys. Stay fit… Glen Helen’s coming up!


RIS: Last year you took the bronze at Glen Helen

WA: Yeah, that was my first major contest… worked out good! Got signed to Red Bull.


RIS: Who do you think your biggest competition will be at X-Fighters?

WA: That’s a good question… (he thinks a bit) That’s a tough one. We’ll see. Probably Thomas Pagès though, he seems like he’s on fire right now.


RIS: Anything new we should expect at Glen Helen? You gonna unveil any new tricks?

WA: Ha! We’ll just have to see how the course looks. I hear they might not even be any ramps. Might not be able to do the traditional ramp flip tricks & stuff. That’s good for me. I’m more of a natural terrain, bigger dirt jump guy, so…. I’m looking forward to that. That’ll separate the men from the boys.


RIS: Final question: What is going thru your mind while you are upside down during a Heart Attack Back Flip?

WA: It depends. You kinda know what’s gonna happen, right off the bat. As soon as you take off there’s not too much you can do about it. You hope to get a good pull right off the take off. It’s either ‘panic’ or ‘comfortable’ if you know you have a good rotation. There’s a lot that can go on. Just stay calm even if it doesn’t go completely right you can compensate & make up for it. Staying calm & making good conditions is key, I think.


RIS: Good answer. That’s great advice. So, Anyone you want to give a shout to?

WA: Yeah, especially Red Bull. Since my time with them, they’ve really been pumping’ it up. Really been helping me out & getting me bikes with KTM. Doin’ some big deals & big projects in 2014 when X-Fighters is over.