By Leslie Rae Terhorst

The Last Vegas are the return of trashed-up, guitar-driven, leather-clad rock. They rule the nights in United States and Europe, touring consistently throughout 2006-2008, delivering hi-energy rock action. 


Competing against over 8,000 other bands for the Make Rock History contest from Motley Crue and Guitar Center, winning an opening slot for Motley Crue’s Saints of Los Angeles Tour 2009 U.S. $25,000 cash, and $20k in new gear from Gibson, a management deal from 10th Street Entertainment and a label deal from Eleven Seven Music. 


The Last Vegas are featured on Guitar Hero 2,, NBC Sports, UK’s Kerrang Radio, MTV, MTV2, Fox, Fuel TV, Fearless TV/Radio, Q101, WLUP, The G-Hole, Camel Farm Program and as the official music of Kyle Busch Motor Sports. 


Independently they have sold over 10,000 records, toured in 17 countries within US/Canada/Mexico/Mainland Europe, and are the top rock band in Chicago. 


I hunkered down with Chad Cherry lead vocal for the band, to find out “What up”.

Revolt In Style:  You guys are kicking ass and taking names?

CHAD:  That’s how we do things.


RIS:  You beat over 7,000 band for probably the most incredible packaged deal any band could hope for, what do you think sets you apart from everyone else?

CHAD:  Actually it was over 8,000.  Well, I think we’re more of a brutal appreciation of classic rock-n-roll meets hard rock.  We have big guitar solo’s, you’ve got me to be the paid monkey to jump around on stage, and you’ve got Nathan who just like’s destroying the drum set Keith Moon style.  A lot of stuff out there is so conservative, a lot of shoegazer stuff, we’re not anything like that, we’re Rock-N-Rollers we do it how it’s suppose to be done, dangerous and wild.


RIS:  You guys are the epitome of the classic rock-n-roll sound, almost the 80’s all over again, but fresher.  Any truth to this statement?

CHAD:  Yeah, that’s what we grew up with, that’s what we live; it’s in our blood and in our bones.


RIS:  Well then how huge is it for you to be working with Motley Crue?

CHAD:  It’s really fun; these guys are all super cool dudes.  They’re just like us; we’re all on the same page.  It’s really cool.


RIS: You guys are in studio with Niki Sixx, what are you guys working on?

CHAD:  We’re with Nikki, Marty Fredrickson, and DJ Ash.  Actually we’re cutting our record right now, it should drop around the middle of April. Like I said, we’re all on the same page, and we love to write rock-n-roll music.


RIS: What if anything have you learned working with Motley Crue?

CHAD:  All sorts of stuff, they’ve been around the block a few times.  It’s cool we’ve learned a lot from them, they’re true veterans, they know just how to craft it, and they have perfected their technique, it’s wonderful; it’s great.


RIS:  When people refer to you as Glam-Rock, to me glam-rock is big hair, make-up and what not.  What do you think about the label Glam-Rock?

CHAD:  There is so many labels on music its ridicules, you have kitchen-sink rock, you have asphalt rock, I don’t even know.  I always put all that stuff into one category, the New York Dolls sure they were glam-rock, but you know what, they were true rock-n-roll, Aero Smith were they glam rock when they started, yeah sure.  I just look at it as all rock-n-roll.  I guess we’re a little hard edged, we’re glam, we’re metal, we’re punk, I’ve heard it all.  It all boils down to what we really are, we’re a gang of crazy Asses that play rock music, and we do it our style.  I guess we’re everything everyone would ever want.


RIS:  You’ve been touring, recording, and just plain working your ass off for five years now, do you ever think, “It’s about Fucking Time”?

CHAD:  Yeah, you know we were going to do this eventually anyway; we were not going to stop until the wheels fell off the bus.  You know what I mean.  We’ve got a lot of stuff done on our own, we’ve learned a lot from basically being on our knees and living in shit for years.  It’s like the Hendrix song “Are You Experienced” so we’ve got a lot of miles, and a lot of experience under our belts.  Now it’s on an up-scale that we were always striving for.  We were gonna do what we had to do, and there’s not any stopping us.  The Vegas train is on a fast roll to hell, we’ve just got their a little bit quicker.


RIS:  You’re kicking off the tour here in SD, what can we expect from The Last Vegas?

CHAD:  You can expect a whole lot of dangerous rock-n-roll, maybe a little bit of nudity, and a whole lot of parting.  But, first and foremost, you’re going to get some ass-kicking rock-n-roll, I think everyone deserves it.


 RIS:  So, last question.  Why The Last Vegas?

CHAD:  If your looking for a meaning, I would have to tell you The Last Vegas is the ultimate last sin in flesh, and it’s the last party, so you had better show up, it’s the final climax.


RIS:  Any shout out to San Diego?

CHAD:  Yeah, Just tell San Diego we’re coming for you.


Be sure to catch them February 2 @ Cox Arena for an incredible night of debauchery with Motley Crue, Hinder and Theory of a DeadMan.