Champions for Children: Legion’s Charity Bus Push Rallies Community Support for Rady Children’s Hospital

This Valentine’s Day, the San Diego Legion Rugby Team displayed incredible determination and community spirit by hosting the Moving Mountains for Children Charity Bus Push event at Snapdragon Stadium. In a powerful demonstration of sheer willpower, eight Legion players pushed a metro bus weighing up to 33,000 pounds. More than a feat of strength, the event united the community to bring attention to the unique challenges faced by the young patients at Rady Children’s Hospital.

The event had a remarkable turnout from fans, media, and the broader San Diego community, all united for a noble cause. The participation of children from the Imagine Rugby program, a partnership with the Escondido Union School District, aboard the bus, added an inspiring touch, fueling the players’ determination. The event successfully raised funds for Rady Children’s Hospital, directly supporting its mission to offer exceptional care to its young patients.

The Legion’s bus push for charity personifies their deep-rooted commitment to community service, setting a new standard for professional teams everywhere. It’s a powerful reminder of how sports can transcend competition, uniting people to support a noble cause. The event symbolizes the Legion’s ethos of making a difference in the lives of children and their families. The San Diego Legion thanks everyone for their invaluable support and looks forward to continuing to positively impact the community.


As excitement for the upcoming season builds, the San Diego Legion is thrilled to invite fans to be part of the action from the beginning. Tickets for the Legion Home Opening Game against the RFC Los Angeles are now available, offering a unique opportunity to experience the thrilling atmosphere of live Legion rugby football. Starting at 8 am on February 14th, fans can secure their spots to witness the San Diego Legion embark on their journey, promising a season filled with intense matches, community spirit, and unforgettable moments.

About San Diego Legion:

San Diego Legion, a professional rugby team established in 2017, has become a dynamic force within Major League Rugby. Renowned for their strategic play and commitment to the sport’s values, the team excels both on the field and in their community outreach endeavors.

About Rady’s Children’s Hospital:

Rady’s Children’s Hospital-San Diego is a leading pediatric healthcare facility, offering services tailored to children’s unique healthcare needs. The hospital’s dedication extends beyond medical care, actively engaging with the community to foster the health and well-being of children across Southern California.


For further information about the San Diego Legion and how to support Rady Children’s Hospital, please visit San Diego Legion and Rady Children’s Hospital.

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