ED RATCLIFF (a.k.a. 9MM)

ED RATCLIFF (a.k.a. 9MM)



Born: Chicago, Illinois


Fighting Out Of: San Diego


Age: 25


Height: 5’ 10” 


Weight: 155 lbs


Overall MMA Record (W-L-D): 7-0-0


Style: Striker / Karate


Next Fight: Marcus Hicks – WEC – March 26th, 


Hard Rock Hotel, Vegas 

What kind of fighter is Marcus? 

Well, He’s a brawler. He’s gonna want to stand up for awhile. But he’s got plenty of Jiu Jitsu training so he’s gonna try to get me on the ground too. I need to defend the takedown straight out of the box. I’m gonna out box & out move the guy. 


How are you preparing for this fight?

My training has been stepped up quite a bit lately. I’m working with the guys at North County Fight Club. Jeff Clark is a good guy to work with. Matt too. That’s a solid crew up there. Were putting in 4 to 6 hours a day training.


Do you cross train? 

They’ve got me doing quite a bit of cross training. Everything from pyrometrics to hill sprints. I shoot B-ball pretty regularly and swim alot. 


How’s the diet?

Pretty strict, High protein, low carb. The occasional steak. Not too much bread or Rice. I have to come in 25 pounds light for this fight.


What else are you doing to prepare for this fight?

Just stickin’ to the plan, putting in the hours here at Undisputed and with my trainers up at N. County Fight Club


Not sitting somewhere watching Marcus’ videos?

Nah, I rarely watch any fighters. That’s the coaches & managers’ job. They tell me what I need to expect & I get it done in the Octagon. I try not to overthink the process & freak myself out. I’m my own worst critic.


What else do you do in your downtime?

Ride. I’m the President of the Furyans Motorcycle Club. I’m on a Yamaha R-1. Maybe a little Palomar Mtn or just on the freeway. Just riding.


You want to throw out a prediction?

Nope. I want to end the fight, but I don’t do that prediction game. Everyone has a game-plan till you get hit in the mouth. (laughs)


So what’s your take on the state of the industry. What’s your take on all the new leagues popping up?

Yeah know. I think I’m in with the best. Zuffa has a strong hold on the sport. Anyone who is someone is fighting with the UFC or WEC. 


What does it mean for you to fight in the WEC?  

It means a lot to be fighting for the WEC. It means that all of my hard work and training is being recognized. I have a home-based following, but it really means that I am doing something right to be given the opportunity to fight for such a well known organization.


Who do you want to give a shout out to?

My Mom. She’s the one that made all this possible. I was taught Karate by my mother since I could walk. She was in instructor when I was growing up. She encouraged me 1st. She taught me how to be a fighter. I was a huge fan of the UFC at the time also so my new goal at this point in time was to one day fight for the UFC. When I graduated High school I moved out to San Diego once I passed the Lions Den Tryouts at the age of 17. Ken Shamrock was the first formal MMA training that I had.