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Blacklite District Releases Revamped Single,“The Struggle XL”
Tour Dates Announced For The XL Tour 2023
New York, NY – (March 17th, 2023) — Chart-topping viral rocker, Blacklite District (Kyle Pfeiffer) has released a new recording of his 2016 hit single “The Struggle,” titled “The Struggle XL.” This new release follows the commercial success of the original, which has over 10 million Spotify streams, 1.3 Million official video views, and over 53 Million views on the viral Minecraft-themed video. “The Struggle XL” takes the original recording to new levels as Blacklite District continues to grow as an artist and individual.  
From basement demo to Nashville recording studio, Blacklite District has partnered again with  multi-platinum producer Brett Hestla to elevate the single in the hopes that it will continue to inspire others. Blacklite District’sinspiration for revamping this particular single originates from a letter sent by a fan. “A few months ago, I received a fan letter…he wrote me the most personal letter about how “The Struggle” had literally saved his life,” said Blacklite District. “I wrote this song from the darkest depths of my own life, and to see it shine through and make a real impact is more than I could ever ask for. That’s why I knew I had to take this track into the studio. I think it has new life because of my drummer Graham Spillman and guitarist Justin Sundlin. The energy these guys brought into the studio was something I haven’t felt in a long time.”
Blacklite District strives to continue a spark of hope and inspiration for his listeners. Drawing from his own personal experiences of addiction and mental health, Blacklite District is specifically releasing “The Struggle XL” to continue directing attention to the importance of support from family and friends and to show his fans what it takes to overcome difficult times. Blacklite District puts an emphasis on sobriety and mental health and recognizes how his path from addiction has shaped his career today. He hopes that the release of “The Struggle XL” will continue to motivate listeners to push through their struggles.
About Blacklite District
When Kyle Pfeiffer first became Blacklite District a decade ago, it was with the intent to create music that drew upon his life experience and the music that raised him. Blacklite District began touring and making waves on the Billboard charts with Top 35 hit “With Me Now” in 2014. Blacklite District’s streak of chart hits continued with songs like, “The Struggle,” “Broken Souls,” and “Living in a Nightmare” feat. R8eDR. In 2018, his song “Cold As Ice” went viral with over 100 million streams and reached Number 35 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart. At the same time, Kyle learned how to tap into the video game world by creating visuals through Minecraft. The combination was genius and only further propelled Blacklite District into further success. Since then, Blacklite District has continued to build his positive reputation and fanbase while putting the spotlight on recovery, positive thinking, and community. Stay connected with Blacklite District on social media (listed below) for updates on future single releases and new tour dates leading up to Blacklite District’sforthcoming album set for release later this year.
The XL Tour 2023: Tour Dates:
04.13 – Sioux Falls, SD – Bigs Bar
04.14 – Omaha, NE – Beach House
04.16 – Des Moines, IA – Lefty’s
04.19 – Eau Claire, WI – Joel’s 4 Corners
04.20 – Joliet, IL – The Forge
04.21 – South Bend, IN – Cheers
04.22 – Detroit, MI – Diesel Concert Lounge
04.25 – St. Louis, MO – Red Flag
04.26 – Kansas City, MO – Vivo
04.27 – St. Joseph, MO – Café Acoustic
04.29 – Sturgis, SD – Loud American Roadhouse
06.09 – Unity, WI – Monster Hall Fest
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