BEARTOOTH Grabs a Red Bull (contract)

Interview by Leslie Rae Terhorst


eartooth was created out of a need for something new. Some of the best bands are often birthed by the most modest of intentions. No master plan, no blueprint for success, no marketing strategies – these are the types of groups whose organic formation ensures an authenticity to their creative output that can’t be manufactured. Caleb Shomo has gone through more as a songwriter, performer and producer in just a few short years than some music industry veterans will witness in a lifetime. Battling mental health struggles with depression, anxiety and related overindulgence (like many of his young fans), Shomo bowed out of Attack Attack! to get himself together. Producer, songwriter and Goldfinger guitarist John Feldman partnered with this multitalented instrumentalist, producer, songwriter Caleb Shomo, to create what is now called Beartooth.